Month: February 2018

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The Giants’ firsthalf stats were grim indeed: two first downs, zeroforfive on thirddown efficiency, 33 yards passing, not a single drive that crossed New York’s own 35yardline. The Giants began the second half with a drive that lasted nine minutes, 44 seconds, a slog that died just short of the goal line and ended in […]

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Paragraph 11, which concerns “skill, performance and conduct,” is also relevant. Paragraph 11 stipulates that the team can terminate a player’s contract if the player “has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club.” Notice that Paragraph 11 empowers the team to “reasonably judge” the impact of any […]

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Quite honestly, I had not called anyone. Jacksonville reached out to us and made an inquiry and it kind of went from there. But, we’re evaluating everybody through this whole process. “I’ve heard doctors say all this could have happened without stem cells,” Cherry says. “I don’t believe that. His brain damage was so severe.”. […]