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Sean Weatherspoon is the best wedding guest in the NFL

  chinese nfl jerseys Veteran NFL linebacker Sean Weatherspoon Jersey had a less-than-ideal 2016 with the Falcons, suffering a season-ending Achilles’ in Week 4, and he hasn’t signed a contract for the upcoming season. But his 2017 has been looking up so far. Based on his Instagram, the NFL linebacker has been to four weddings—including […]

Stop freaking out about players skipping OTAs

  cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale reviews Odell Beckham Jersey Jr Jersey. has not been taking part in the Giants’ OTAs this week. Neither has his teammate Olivier Vernon Jersey, who actually stands to forfeit a $250,000 bonus if he does not participate in 90% of New York’s off-season program. Fletcher Cox Jersey, Jason Peters […]